Okan Sezer studied interior Architecture & environmental design and worked in his field for few years. Than found his passion in sports and country club business and spent his 20 years in helping people improve their health, appearance and fitness levels.

This 20 year experience brought to Mr. Sezer s attention on how important it is for people to look and feel their best through professionally design programs and eating patterns. Mr Sezer realized that even though you do all these things right, sometimes it is not possible to achieve your best desire look.

This is why aesthetic life Istanbul was created

Aesthetic means being devoted to beauty and appreciation of human beauty. Aesthetic means the pleasant, positive and artful appearance of a person. We approach this understanding by our company concept triangle of power.

The triangle of power means proper nutrition, proper exercise and needed plastic surger. with our professional surgeons you will achieve ‘ Best version of yourself ’ without any failing possibilities. We will continue to follow up on you to keep you on the right track with proper exercise and proper nutrition habits so you can maintain these amazing results that are elite doctors provided for you.

Proper Nutrition
plastic surgery

Aesthetic life istanbul mission statement for you has realistic and attainable results, with a full-service attention to all your needs to achieve the BEST YOU

  • We will enhance your quality of life
  • Increase your sense of well-being
  • Help you achieve your personal fulfillment by creating continuous improvement of your body
  • Immediate results with aesthetic life is istanbul.